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What are you talking about? His statement is correct: the **VAST MAJORITY** of cars sold in the US in 2014 have engines larger than 2.0 liters.

You do know that only 1 out of the best-selling 10 cars have engines even available below 2.0 liters? And that car (Civic) also comes with available 2.0+ liter engines?

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Subject: Dude its only 0° outside

I know it isn’t a 2014 release, but Stalker: Call of Pripyat. First game I. The series that I have played and it has blown me away. Graphics are dated (fixed by mods) and the game is a bit janky in places, with some terrible voice acting done by Russians trying to speak English, but it’s one of the best games I have played. Massive open world with survival elements and ultimate freedom + immersion with an interesting theme and locale.

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Subject: And rule 6

Zombies and z-day. I know it’s really stupid but I make survival plans for every building I enter. It seriously has an impact on my life. Everyone thinks they would be able to fight them iff and have a big ol adventure like in the films but in reality you would be screwed. And I’m not a complete idiot I’m not worried about people being raised from the dead and searching for brains, I’m talking about infected people. I’m starting to get round to the point where my main z-day plan is just to kill myself to make it easier for any survivors.

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new work

Hey friend,

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YOU AND THE NEW PERSON DESERVE A CAKE (or something of happy-equivalency value like a steak dinner, or a personalized homemade music video free style rap beat box about how awesome you two are).

And good job on the old man for registering his tablet or whoever is responsible for notifying ATT about the stolen tablet.

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